Royal Scandal & Courtly Capers at the NPG

Thursday 16 Nov | 6.45pm - 8pm | National Portrait Gallery

To cover the scandals that have swirled around the court of the British Monarchy, this Art Shot would need to be several weeks long…however, after a drink in the café, we’ll rollick our way into the most saucy and scandalous of them all. We’ll start with King Henry VIII’s horrific and shameful power-wielding penchant for disposing of his wives, before moving into the succeeding Stuart court and James I’s shocking relationship with Steenie, the Duke of Buckingham. With a brief gossip about Charles II’s endless mistresses and 13 bastards, we’ll leapfrog into the Georgian period and consider King George I’s outrageous imprisonment of his wife in a tower (for thirty years) and perhaps cast a quick glance at his mistresses “The Maypole” (tall and thin) and “The Elephant” (short and rotund).  We next come to the great high point in British Courtly Scandal: King George IV. George’s gluttony, womanizing, excess and debauchery led Britain through a ghastly period of embarrassment and humiliation. While this period was perhaps the worst, it doesn’t end there. We’ll move forward into modern history and look at the scandal that erupted around Queen Victoria and game-keeper John Brown, and consider the role the Queen played at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. 

A huge thanks from us for helping make last night’s event so special. We are getting such positive feedback from all of the clients – some of the most glowing I’ve ever received. I was really impressed with everything you guys did so please pass on my thanks to your team as well for making it such a success.
AL, London law firm (National Portrait Gallery tour)

My son Charlie and I were taken round the National Gallery by Rose Balston, and in three brief hours, we were inspired to levels of wonder. Rose has the gift of allowing you to discover things in the paintings that you would never have noticed before…I’d strongly recommend you join an Art History UK tour.
MH, Editor of Country Life Magazine (National Gallery)

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