Public Art Shots

Our public art tours are called ‘Public Art Shots’. These stimulating shots of culture are designed to invigorate and inspire you, and to deepen your understanding of London’s iconic culture, art and architecture.

These tours are intimate enough for a personal experience with group sizes of 15 or less, yet sociable enough to engage in illuminating discussion with our brilliant guides and fellow like-minded attendees.

Our 2018 Public Art Shots last 75 minutes costs £30.

Public Art Shots make excellent gifts and we’d be very happy to make a bespoke voucher for you. For more information see here.

Sketching the Embankment: Steps of the Impressionists

Saturday 5 May | 14.00-15.30

We'll learn how to sketch like the impressionists on this Embankment walking tour

Starchitecture Through the Ages: The Square Mile

Thursday 14 June | 18.45-20.00

We look at buildings by Wren, Hawksmoor, Soane, Stirling, Koolhaas, Foster and Rogers.

East Meets West: Art of the Islamic World

Saturday 13 July | 10.00-11.30

We'll explore the intricately detailed non-figural art of the Islamic world, and learn how it influenced the British Arts and Crafts movement

If Walls Could Speak: Sounding Out Street Art

Saturday 11 August | 10.00-11.30

Weaving through the streets of London’s east-end to discover a mix of hidden street art treasures.

A Feast for the Eyes: Appetizing Art

Friday 14 September | 18.45-20.00

Join us on this mouth-watering tour as we examine the cuisines on canvas in the National Gallery.

Fiendish Fairies and Devilish Dreams: A Victorian Halloween

Saturday 27 October | 10.00-11.30

We'll explore the popular Victorian themes of fantasy, nightmare, horror and perverse sexuality this Halloween.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: A Guy Fawkes Walk

Monday 5 November | 18.45-20.00

Remember, remember the fifth of November! A walking tour focusing on the conspiracies and riots in Westminster since William the Conqueror.

Deck the Walls: Painting the Christmas Story

Friday 7 December | 18.45-20.00

Get into the Christmas spirit in the National Gallery. Wherever we look, mythical angels will be flapping their magnificent wings at us!

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