About Art History UK

Art History UK is a cultural tours company specialising in the history of art and architecture of London.

We offer a large range of public tours and create bespoke private tours for corporate clients, high-end visitors to the capital, Londoners, clubs and societies. Our tours are designed for clients who expect the best: we pride ourselves on our extensive tour guiding experience and meticulously designed, smoothly run tours. 

Art History UK was founded by London art expert and TV presenter Rose Balston in 2009. Over the years Rose has been assiduously careful in selecting a team of fabulous guides who all combine charisma and passion with exceptional knowledge and the desire to share it.

On our tours, on-and-off-the-beaten-track sites will be revealed, juicy tales told, stimulating conversations had, and the hidden corners of London’s past and present will be bought to life in their full glory.

In June 2018 Art History UK was thrilled to be given the job of leading the twice daily public tours in the National Gallery London (11.30am and 2.30pm each day). As the National Gallery is a second home to many of us, we are delighted to be part of this wonderful project and happy to hear of the consistently positive feedback. 

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